CBIA had a great day exploring and getting to know Chebeague Island on July 22, 2019.  Thanks to Chebeague 

resident and CBIA board member Marcia Howell, an enthusiastic group of CBIA members were treated to a

wonderful tour of this island!   We had a delicious lunch at the Niblic with a great view of the harbor, a tour of

the Island Commons Assisted Living Facility, a tour of the Maritime History exhibit at the Historical Society, a

visit to the Town Hall where we were treated to some home baked snacks, a meet and greet of some council representatives and a tour of their library. 


We all agreed it was a welcome opportunity to get to know another Casco Bay Island, to feel a sense of  

camaraderie with other island folks and to better understand the history and people of this wonderful area we

call home.  We hope to continue visiting other islands, especially after the great turnout and positive feedback

we had from our day on Chebeague Island.