Casco Bay Islands Alliance

Annual meeting

September 16, 2020

Via Zoom

5-6 p.m.


Present:  Janice Avignon (Long), Faith Boudreau (Diamond Cove), Paula Chessin (Peaks), Marcia Howell (Chebeague), Jon Kelso (Peaks), Kim MacIsaac (Peaks), Candace Myers (Peaks), Beth Newcombe (Peaks), Nancy Noble (Long),

Candace, our President, led the meeting.

Secretary’s minutes for 2018 annual meeting. Minutes reviewed, and then approved by all.

Treasurer’s report.

Paula, our Treasurer, reported that we have a balance of $1897.23. We are getting more support from members. We’ve received $37.62 from Amazon Smile. Candace purchased a Zoom subscription for $150, so that we can continue to meet via Zoom. She’s also on the board of the Peaks Island Land Preserve, which will split the subscription with us. Kim made a motion that we pay the $75 fee (shared) and this was seconded by Marcia, and approved by all.  Jon later reported that as of August 31, we have $61,427.57 in our savings account.

Change in board membership.

Ann Caliandro left the board during the year, and was thanked with a card and gift certificate at that time. We have asked Dylan Doughty on Chebeague Island to be on the board. He has only attended one meeting, but told Marcia that he would like to be on the board, even though he didn’t attend today’s meeting. There was some debate as to whether we should vote him in, even though he didn’t attend, or wait until a future meeting. We thought it was better to proceed, so Marcia made a motion and Beth seconded it, that we add him to the board. It was approved by all. We should send him expectations about being on the board. Once Dylan is up and running and sticks with us, Marcia would like to get off the board, as she feels like we need someone who is year round (although that is not a requirement). We still need board representation on the Diamonds and Cliff.  Faith said that Lauren Kelly on Great Diamond Island was running for Portland City Counselor. Should she ask her if she’d like to be a board member? Yes! We need to look at the membership list to see who else would be a good board member.



Paula, our webmaster, will add a section about Amazon Smile. We also need to update the section about what’s open and closed on each island. So, if everyone could send updates for their islands to Paula, that would update the website. Faith said that nothing is open now on Diamond Cove and Great Diamond. Candace said that other things have opened up on Peaks because of COVID-19, including concerts and food venues.

Ongoing initiatives to reconnect islands and islanders:

We have suspended field trips to other islands, due to COVID-19. So, how do we stay connected to each other? We can encourage people to come to zoom board meetings.  

Grant recipients for 2020:

 We had some good applicants, but when COVID-19 arrived we decided to not fund any of the applications, which the applicants understood. In fact, some of the applications were for summer activities and programs, which were cancelled anyway. We did donate money to the Island Commons on Chebeague, as they were affected by the virus. We should check with them to see how they are doing, as well as Casco Bay Lines, whom we also assisted with masks and food for the crew.


Concerns on the bay:

-Casco Bay Lines schedule, mostly the 10:40 p.m. ferry to Peaks Island, which is usually 45 minutes late. The down the bay schedule changed the 8:30 p.m. ferry to 9:30, which also is really late getting to Long Island. Faith said there were several online tools/apps that help folks see where the ferries are, which helps in planning. One is Boats. The other is SMTT (Southern Maine Transit Tracker) tracker, which CBL goes with. It shows were boats are in the bay. We should put some of these on our website.

-Parking. Due to COVID-19, parking is better, partially because more people are working from home. Kim said that the tourists that she’s had on her tours from New York and New Jersey said that they didn’t have problems finding parking. Those are day trippers, but how about the issue of long-term parking? Ocean Gate Way has tricky payment problems, but one advantage is being able to add money remotely.

-COVID-19. How is this going on various islands? There is the issue of masks – once people are off the ferry when can they take them off? People are not always social distancing. Not everyone adheres to wearing masks in the ferry terminal waiting area. The deckhands are good at enforcing on the ferries. The virus has not appeared on Great Diamond Island or Long Island. There were 24 cases on Peaks, but no one was hospitalized. Chebeague has had 5 cases.


Nor’ by East newsletter.

The newest edition is out in print, and Paula will add it to the website. Kim sent a copy to the mayor and others in high places in Portland. She would like to send it to all the members.


Kim was concerned about the number of members – she thought there were only 19 paid members, but there is some discrepancy between various means of gathering information. Paula and Kim will work it out. We still have to figure out the issue of membership year – we need to send out a “time to pay dues” notice. Paula said she did mention it in the mailing. Sending a link may be helpful.

Next year’s meeting. Faith reported that Andy’s is now open, so we may be able to meet there for next year’s meeting, unless we meet on one of the islands. Andy’s has new ownership since our meeting last year. They now offer brunch on weekends. There are no outside tables, but when she went inside there were very few people.

Jon made a motion to adjourn. We decided to skip October, as it’s so close to this meeting.


Next meeting: Nov. 4th, via Zoom.


Respectfully yours,


Nancy Noble

Recording Secretary